If you are new to Webhooks, please do checkout our Webhooks guide

Using Webhook API you can

Register a webhook with Zoko

List all webhooks

Update an existing webhook

Delete an existing webhook

Host & Path

API Host


API Version

Current version is v2

API Path

Message API path is webhook

Complete Endpoint



Content Type

  • POST requests require a “Content-Type: application/json” header
  • PUT requests require a “Content-Type: application/json” header
  • GET requests will return “Content-Type: application/json”

Response Codes

Message API uses the following standard response codes.

GET requests

  • 200 - Ok

POST requests

  • 201 - Created
  • 202 - Accepted
  • 400 - Bad Request (the request data has issues)
  • 409 - Conflict

DELETE requests

  • 204 - No Content