Hopefully, by now, you would have created atleast one webhook and processed your messages. Let’s get to some minor things that could cause unwarranted issues later.

Return a 200 status code quickly

Zoko webhook expects a response from your callback endpoint as an acknowledgement of the message.

Expected Response : HTTP 200 OK
Response within : 5 seconds

Please note if either of them doesn’t happen, it’s treated as a message delivery failure and retry logic will be executed

What if my processing takes more that 5 seconds?

Because properly acknowledging receipt of the webhook notification is so important, your endpoint should return a 200 HTTP status code prior to any complex logic that could cause a timeout.

Retry logic

Zoko attempts to deliver your webhooks for up to 5 times with an exponential back off.

If your endpoint has been deleted when we attempt a retry, future retries of that event will be prevented. However, if it was failing to return a success message (on time) you should still expect to see future retry attempts.

Disable Logic

Zoko will attempt to notify you of a misconfigured endpoint via email if an endpoint has not responded with a 200 HTTP status code for multiple times in a row.

After 6 consecutive failures, the webhook will be disabled.