When do I need a Webhook?

Let’s say you want Zoko to notify you whenever your account Whatsapp number receives a new message from a customer. In this case, if you register a webhook for the incoming message event, whenever a new message comes in to the your number, Zoko will call your URL with the message details, to let you know that a new message is available.

Thus, using webhooks, Zoko can notify you of a relevant event (i.e. a new incoming message).

Supported Events

Currently, 3 events are supported

  • message:user:in - incoming messages from your customer
  • message:store:out - outgoing messages you sent
  • message:delivery:update - delivery updates on outgoing message

Events supported for webhook

Situations that could use Webhook

  • integration of a custom chat bot
  • integration with your other systems. eg. CRM

Do you really need a webhook?

If you are using the Zoko Web Application for 2-way communication, there isn’t much use for a webhook. Infact, depending on the size of your customer base, we would recommend using the web application and its features before exploring doing things on your own. You might be reinventing the wheel here.